Drug tests have become very popular among employers because their reliability has gone up and the price has gone down. Still, the urine test is the cheapest option to go but the hair follicle test has the best chance of catching someone. Some states have very strict laws regarding testing employees but if there was an accident, no one can stop the company from testing everyone involved. This is why you should always be prepared, not only when they announce it will happen.

In order to find the best way to cheat on these tests you will need to inform yourself about how they work and what is your advantage in these situations. When it comes to a hair follicle test, you won’t have many advantages, the only one that matters is time and the company policies. Company policies matter because even if you get caught they might only give you a warning and wait until you get clean.

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Why Hair Follicle Test?

There is a big problem with drug abuse at the workplace which puts other employees at risk, increases insurance costs and decreases productivity. Drug tests are made to find these employees which will go through rehabilitation if they accept it or get fired. What is unique about this type of test is that it checks the last 90 days.

If you compare it with urine testing, you’ll find out that more employees fail the hair test because of the longer detection window. It is done very easily by just getting a small sample of hair from the back of the head so it won’t be noticeable. It is taken under supervision so people can’t provide a sample that is older. Employers like more this type of test because of its success rate.

Hair Test and Hair Follicle Test

A lot of people don’t make a difference between the hair follicle and hair drug test. It isn’t that important because it checks the same period but for hair follicle type, the sample is taken where the strand grows below the scalp. The sample of the hair test is taken by cutting the hair closest to the scalp. Hair follicle type may be less comfortable but testers know how to take the sample to check the whole 90 days. The price for both should be the same so it won’t actually matter which one you take. Read more on this link.

What Happens During Testing?

Testing might be placed in a hospital or in a lab depending on the number of employees. Sometimes testers will come to your workplace and perform it there. It is very easy to take a sample so even the employer can do it. You can do it at home by ordering the kit and check it yourself. The problem is that you can’ take it at home because you need to be supervised.

You might think that washing your hair thoroughly will help but even if you dye your hair it won’t affect the accuracy of these tests. They will cut around 100 to 120 hairs from your head as a sample. The hair can be taken from different body parts so shaving your head won’t do the trick. They will place the sample in foil and mail it to the lab which can provide results within 24 hours.

Test Results

The time to get negative and positive results isn’t the same, for the test that is negative on the drug it will take only 24 hours after providing the sample. They use different types of test and the first one is ELISA test that checks if someone isn’t using drugs. Testers need to do additional testing in order to determine if someone is positive in the last 90 days.

After testing for negative results, it will take 72 hours to check if someone is positive on any drug. This is called mass spectrometry or gas chromatography. It can show specifically which drug was used. It can happen that the sample is rejected. This may happen if your hair is so damaged the sample is inconclusive. This means that the test needs to be repeated. The testers will provide results to the company through an online interface because they are confidential.

Common Issues with Hair Test

One of the issues that testers have when getting the sample is that many external contaminants may affect the results. Someone may end up positive even if they haven’t used drugs. This shouldn’t happen if you wash your hair properly every time. The test will look for metabolites also so it can detect many chemicals in the hair follicle. But, it still has a higher success rate than other types of tests.

Another problem that can’t be solved is that light-colored hair has a higher chance not to be positive on the test. This only applies to the natural color of the individual. For people that have dark hair, contaminants will more likely attach to their hair which ends up in a larger number of false-positive results. Many professionals that work in a laboratory won’t tell you this because they can lose a lot of money because of it. But, there was a lawsuit which a person won that claimed this issue.

Test Cost and Ways to Cheat

Compared to the urine drug test, it is more expensive. If you want to do it at home or test someone you know, it will cost around $70. When it is done in the hospital or laboratory, the price will be around $100. If your employer wants you to go through testing, time spent there should be paid by the firm.

The only way to go when it comes to cheating is a popular brand of detox shampoo. Make sure you have enough time, about a week, so your hair won’t get too damaged. These shampoos are very strong compared to regular type and you will need to use them a few ways before getting tested. There are many myths about cheating on this test but it is very accurate.