So that your in the hottest club, which most likely required you forever to go into. Since your in the human body walk to the bar, buy a drink and see most likely the greatest girl that the gym has.. You start to question “this girl can’t often be here simply by herself. They must be around a man.Inch

Much for your amazement she appears to become hanging by hand. You rapidly question to yourself maybe I ought to go and call her, but for whatever reason the mind starts to talk you from it. ( fear )

Your reasoning because of not getting the courage to simply walk up and say “Hi” is she’s method to attractive for me personally, she’d never produce time or day.

So rather, you lean facing a large part just watching her and wishing you can develop courage to simply say hi.

While your fight together with your mind is happening ( Must I or Should not I ) You rapidly watch a small presented, spiky haired guy, walk as much as her.. You believe to yourself immediately, “this should actually be fun, lets observe how this dork handles rejection!”

Much for your amazement ten minutes go by and he’s still chatting away together with her. You begin to consider, “they must know this person from somewhere,” there most likely buddies..

twenty minutes pass after which 30….

… you see there both laughing and getting a lot of fun.. She then reaches for any napkin and asks the bartenders for any pen… They exchange phone figures plus they both walk served by a grin…

Now your pissed off at yourself feeling disappointed because deep lower you realize your far better searching, taller, with a larger physic.

So, what are the differences between your small presented, spiky haired guy? It’s Courage…. Something most men lack with regards to approaching beautiful women.

And just what causes most men to don’t have the courage? It’s FEAR – Anxiety about REJECTION

So, how can you conquer Anxiety about Rejection you may well ask?