Dianabol also known by the trade name Methandrostenolone or Methandienone is an anabolic steroid explicitly produced for performance enhancement of the bodybuilders and the athletes. This medication was primarily manufactured by a Swiss pharmaceutical company, Ciba along with Dr. John Ziegler. It is a powerful steroid having similar anabolic properties of testosterone but with reduced androgenic features. When it comes to massive muscle gains during a bulking cycle, there are only a few steroids that can match this steroid’s effectiveness. The muscle gain can be anywhere between 20-30 lbs in a 4-week cycle but it should be accompanied by a proper diet.

In a nation like the UK, it is classified as a Class C drug and therefore it can be purchased legally only through a medical prescription. Others who want to purchase this steroid have majorly two options: the underground labs and the online vendors. You must get pharmaceutical grade pills as they are always certified by the FDA. Furthermore, these products are of high-quality and tested specifically for human use. However, there are many online websites that claim to sell the real product. This steroid is sold under numerous brand names. Some of the few generic forms of Methandienone in the U.K. are Alphabol, Danabol DS, DBol Blue Hearts to name a few.

Proper dosages

The regular dosage of this compound is 30mg to 50mg daily and along with a cycle that continues from 4-6 weeks. A beginner is advised to begin with a dosage of 30-40mg daily as it turns out to be an effectual dosage. With this dosage, he will be able to enjoy huge gains in his strength and muscle mass. In fact, this dosage also protects a novice user from several negative side effects. There are numerous experienced users who attempt to take higher dosages but there is a dosing level where the strength and muscle gains rest on a plateau and the chances of unpleasant side effects increase.

Even the progressive users dare not attempt a dosage as high as 70-80mg daily. These users stack this medication with other compounds meant for mass cycles, like Deca-Durabolin or Testosterone Enanthate. While stacking these compounds, they supplement themselves with a calorie-rich diet and adequate nutrients. This medication is hugely popular among the users as this compound can be administered orally. Moreover, it is a hugely available compound that can capably supply massive and long-lasting gains.

Buying this drug in the UK

This steroid is quite difficult to purchase legally from the local pharmacies due to which people buy them online or from gym suppliers. Purchasing from a local supplier can be risky as they may be counterfeited products or may not be tested properly. A number of generic forms of Methandienone in the UK are sold through these sources but most of them are fake products. Some may be overdosed or under-dosed while some may not consist of the real hormone. The prices of the underground manufactured steroids are comparatively lesser than the pharmaceutical grade online products. Nevertheless, users must be cautious about the quality and the purity of the product.