Ephedrine is an active ingredient which is known to be useful in wide range of medications such as asthma and cough among others. More recently, ephedrine alkaloid has been found to support weight loss. Ephedrine is an extract from a plant called Ephedra Sinica. The ingredient is known for its ability to relief breathing issues. However, in the U.S dietary products which have ephedrine have been banned. Therefore, we can find out Ephedrine’s legal status in Ohio.

Ephedrine in Ohio

You are required to comply with certain state as well as federal law in Ohio for you to buy Ephedrine form any local drug store. There are regulations provided for its purchase and consumption. The product is intended to treat asthma-related symptoms keeping you a healthy person. In addition, it is a useful formula for the bodybuilders as it is alleged to stimulate action, boost the rate of metabolism, help in weight loss and suppresses your appetite.

It is claimed to work for satisfying results within the shortest time possible. Its use was prohibited by the FDA as it has adverse effects. The state law of Ohio allows you to purchase the product without any prescription as far as you have to comply with some requirements.

The state has limitations on the type of form to be sold and the amount of the product that you can purchase without the requirement of a prescription. Legal status in Ohio controls both pseudoephedrine and ephedrine. The restrictions on this product are placed at the distributor or dealer. Ohio law states that the following requirements must be complied with by any individual interested in purchasing ephedrine:

  • Every buyer must show his or her valid ID and you should be 18 years of age or above.
  • The buyer must sign and print his or her full name on the transaction log book which helps in monitoring the amount of the product that that he or she has bought over time.
  • You should not purchase more than 3.6 g in a day or above 9 g within one month.
  • Purchasing more than the mentioned amount or using the drug for illicit reasons might lead to in imprisonment.
  • The restrictions above will not apply if you have a legitimate prescription provided by a licensed health provider.


Ephedrine is a substance that is controlled in Ohio due to the harmful effects which are associated with it. The Ohio state provides the amount that a person can purchase or consume in a day. Therefore, you are advised not to consume or use more than the amount provided as this may lead to imprisonment.

You should also comply with the requirements provided by Ohio law and ensure that you do not use the drug for illicit reasons. The drug is well-known to help combat asthma signs to enhance your health. Additionally, it is used to help bodybuilders lose weight as it improves the rate of metabolism and reduces your appetite.