If you visit one of the posh cafés in town, it is very likely that you will find matcha tea on the list. In fact, matcha cupcakes, pancakes, and muffins are everywhere. For the uninitiated, matcha is a form of green tea. MetaMatcha – a healthy energy drink is meant to boost your immunity system and has a number of other benefits for the body and mind. Here are some of the things you need to know about matcha tea.

Brew a cup of matcha tea!

Green tea is known to be high on antioxidants, and matcha is nothing but powdered green tea made from leaves that are harvested in a unique way. Also, if you are making a cup of matcha tea, you won’t be straining the mixture. You are having powdered green tea that’s contains a significant amount of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals in each serving.

Knowing the production process

The entire process of growing and harvesting matcha leaves is very different from that of traditional green tea. Around three weeks prior to the actual harvesting, the bushes are covered with shades, so as to prevent direct sunlight falling on the leaves. This step slows down the process of photosynthesis and also increase the production of chlorophyll. It also allows the bushes to produce more of amino acids. At the time of harvesting, the younger top leaves are handpicked and processed to make a fine powder that’s eventually sold in the market.

Should you drink matcha tea?

Yes, absolutely! Matcha is one of the many superfoods available in the market today, and it’s high on antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. It is great for the mind, as it aids the production of dopamine and is also known to have calming effects. It also boosts the immune system and can also aid in keeping diseases at bay. Studies have revealed that matcha helps in boosting the metabolism rate, and therefore, it can help those who are trying to lose weight. It also works wonders for fighting LDL or bad cholesterol. Just a cup of matcha tea per day should do the trick for most people, and certainly, this is a better choice than the much-loved green tea.

If you are keen on buying matcha, always choose the highest quality product. Check the manufacturer and source of the product, even if that means paying a tad more for every cup.