Also known as Mitragynaspeciosa, Kratom is recognized as one tropical evergreen tree found in Southeast Asia.This herbal plant is a native of Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. This medication belongs to the Rubiaceae family. Coffee and Gardenia are viewed as other members of this family. Users consume the leaves by drying, smoking, chewing, putting it into tablets, capsules, or just by boiling. The impacts of the leaves are influential even at lower doses and users feel euphoric effects when they take higher doses. The leaves are hugely helpful for preventing pain, and also for mild stimulation.

Earlier, these leaves were used by the Malaysian and Thai natives as well as workers for centuries. Its stimulant effects were utilized by the workers for augmenting their stamina, energy and lessen fatigue. In the USA, this herbal product is utilized as a substitute for treating diarrhea, muscle pain, opiate withdrawal and addiction. However, these leaves can also result in psychological addiction and psychotic signs. The impacts are largely dependent on the doses and users begin to feel its impacts within just 10 minutes of consuming it and its effects last from 1-5 hours. To buy kratom, visit The products from this company are 100% genuine and this site gives lucrative offers too.

Appropriate doses

If you take lower doses of these leaves, nearly 1-5 gm then you will feel mild stimulating impacts or anxiety and higher doses that are 5-15 gm can cause a state of stupor or excessive sedation. Nonetheless, the effects do vary from person to person. Even the reaction of a low dose or a high dose does change from individual to individual. There are many people who use this medication for their recreational purposes while there are many others who take it for getting relief from pain or for withdrawing themselves from the opioid.

Description of the leaves

Kratom leaves are identified as an evergreen tree and it grows to a height of 82 feet. Its trunks grow to nearly 3 feet in diameter. The trunk of this tree commonly looks straight and its outer bark is grey and smooth. The leaves look glossy and they are dark green in color. The leaves grow 14-20 cm long and 7-12 cm wide when they are fully open. They are shaped ovate-acuminate and contain 12-17 sets of veins. The flowers are seen growing at the finishes of the branches and they are found in clusters of three.

Purchasing this herbal product

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